Free QR code generator plus wordpress plugin

Look at the new site and create a qr code for your website or print media. The website offers a easy to use qr code generator and also the ability to download a wordpress plugin for generating qr codes.

The site is optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices as it uses the twitter bootstrap css framework.

Some more information about qr codes:

QR codes are 2 dimensional matrix barcodes with the ability to store and handle up to more than 4000 alphanumeric characters.  QR codes are used on business cards, on websites, advertisement displays, brochures and on a lot more places. Use your mobile phone and the integrated camera to shot the code and to encode the content. There is no need to write or type a url or any other data, like contact data any longer.

Your mobilephone does the job. There are some great apps out there for Android and iPhone devices.

Look for:

QR Code scanner for Android

For Android based mobile devices there is the great QR code and barcode scanner barcoo

QR Code scanner for iPhone

We use the QuickScanner – It´s a very fast and accurate qr code scanner. It´s free in the app store. Get it here!

Find here a TOP 10 List of the most popular QR Code readers